NPCs and Spawned Cop Cars

I have two related problems.

I have the MLO that turns the La Mesa police station into an SAHP station. Now, I know how to clear the area of “civilian” peds and I can replace the LSPD dummies with SAHP troopers. But I do not know how to change the LSPD cars and bikes that spawn on the premises. I’d like to clear out the police, police2, police3, policet and policeb vehicles and allow my add-on SAHP cars to spawn.

I have a nice ped spawn script that I’m using to populate different areas, including the police stations. I was able to successfully put sheriff’s deputy peds in place of the random LSPD dummies at the sheriff’s offices in Sandy and Paleto. And they are already spawning sheriff cars, by the way. I’d like to continue spawning in government offices, but I need to figure out how to make some of them sit at desks.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance and have a beautiful FiveM day!

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Use CodeWalker to alter the data of the Car Generators in the area to have it spawn a different model of your choosing. I’m not sure on ped scenarios however, someone else should be able to help with that.