Nothing Happens When I Double Click FiveReborn

Nothing happens when I double click FiveReborn. No window opens, nothing happens at all. I played for hours yesterday and now today, nothing. Crash dump file posted below.

Steam legit copy
No error screen shot as nothing happens

Have u tried running it as admin…and in windows 8 compatibility mode?


I have tried that. Still nothing. It’s so weird. I was just playing last night.


@PFCBarefoot im sorry but pls do a virus scan on it otherwise just copy it on here, there is a reason why it is asked :slight_smile:


Why should I do a virus can on my own download?

  1. Don’t know how…
  2. Don’t know why I would do it…
  3. Don’t use anti virus bullshit. Last time I used McAfee it slowed my PC down by 30%…no thanks.

same with me it was working started crashing clean install on game reinstallled fivereborn now nothing

and I’m using Windows 10

Okay cool thanks for the great help…maybe it will magically start working tomorrow…

has yours ever worked

Please reply with a proper response according to the format;

Please use this format to post your error.

Also, you might want to read the F.A.Q.

Did you read the F.A.Q?

Your GTA V is full of modifications. You need a clean GTA V in order to play FiveReborn. Either re-install or verify the game.