not "serious rp"

Typically I wont post reviews unless I’ve spent quality time in a server. However, I spent 30 minutes in this server and for 20 minutes I was dead. Upon first load in, I was met with a HUD screen that would not let me customize my ped. I closed app and reopened three times in attempt to delete the character I made so that I could restart, instead of deleting the character I was forced to spawn. I made my way to a clothing store to see if I could change ped there, you can not. On the way there I was beat the hell up, but not killed. I sat in the clothing store so that I could make a support ticket on discord. This was answered in about five minutes, and the suggestion was to call admin in game. I was then ran over while in the store… somebody had driven their car through the doors and ran me over… to which I was very much dead. / calladmin never came, (Discord shows that there are enough in city to do a simple t/revive t/giveclothingmenu) I even sent another one ten minutes later. I laid dead in the clothing store for twenty minutes… I dont expect EMS to come rushing when theres 26 people in city… but I couldnt respawn as every time I went to hold E, the clothing menu would appear. Servers are bound to get trolls here and there, however, it seems majority of the players are GTA players. So if you join, prepare to be met with a gun to your head, or some fists, maybe even a car bumper like me… If youre looking for a serious RP, run for the hills. This server aint that.


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