Not Saving Last Position Correctly

So I just got done resetting up my server from the ground up instead of using Zaphostings one click install. I’ve noticed a problem though. Everytime I save the game now. It doesn’t seem to save my correct position coordinates. S When I try to log back in. its giving me an error "attempt to index a nil value (local ‘pos’) I checked my users database in SQL and find that it looks like this {“x”:409.59999999998,“z”:29.19999999

I think somethings missing here.

any thoughts on what file could be causing this to happen so I can fix it?

I’m using ESX Framework. I’m also using Kashackters redesign for player login and multiple character select. When you select your character to log back in. the screen goes black and nothing else happens hittign the console is where i can see the error.

Set the lenght of your position column higher or change type to TEXT or JSON

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Yes I think that fixed my issue. Not sure how it happened to start but… I ended up writing an sql to change the length of the “position” column to 100 instead of 36 it was set on.

THank you

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I have the same issue And I don’t understand what I need to do, I have on my position column Varchar 255.

i have the Same issue.

I put the column in type JSON and Text in each test and it still doesn’t work.