Not just a RP city issa RP Famiyl

first off these admins are Chefs kiss, small server with Big things and amazing rp, plenty of ways to make money whether legal or otherwise. RP oppurtunity out the ass, Tons of custom houses/buildings to buy, custom cars/clothing, top notch scripts that add so much more depth and diversity to a city all while server stability is at max! Runs like a charm on all hardware (my friends have some potatos and it runs great). i know a lot of these members personally and we’ve all come from cities where admins run major things like (police, gangs etc) and there is always some for of power abuse and such. they have made it their mission to create a city where all walks of life are equal, no admins run anything where power abuse can be used like god mode and all that. They have worked their asses off to create a perfect city where anyone can have fun, if you dont see them rping best believe they are doing live edits and tweaks making sure your experience is 100% fun and authentic. This community is small and its up to you to join and make this THE city for all your GTA RP needs. what are you waiting for? your journey starts here in ALLMONEYINRP.


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