"Not enough money"

Please help…

im sory if this is in the wrong place, but this is my first time building a server and I went with an ESX “base” server to start off, I set my start money at $5k and my paycheck to $250k to see if I done everything right, and now when I go to buy a house or car, I get the “not enough money” message, someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong, any help is appreciated. and again, sorry if this doesn’t belong here!

also I notice that a different amount of money is showing under the $2,249,999


The top number is what’s in your bank, middle is cash and the bottom one is ‘black money’ that cannot be used for actual payment. It’s up to whatever housing script to have to determine what type of money is charged, but it’s cash by default as far as I recall

You can send screenshot of config es_extended ?

I’m sorry, im a noob, where do I find that

ok I found it in Heidi Sql which folder should I screenshot

Ok . Go in your esx_society tchek in file config if you have a limit salary
Look on my screenshot I have a limit for salary

Just change this limit and you can have more money and if you want give money install that https://github.com/TanguyOrtegat/es_admin2

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