NorthStarRoleplay 18+ ONESYNC | Discord Whitelist | Player driven economy | Serious Roleplay

We are an international team that has been roleplaying for years and came together to create what we believe a roleplaying server should be; Our goal is to provide a high quality immersive experience, a balanced player-driven economy, an eye for the detail and continuous development.

You will find yourself in the west of 1901. There are many ways to earn a coin over here. Doesn’t matter if you rise up to be a drug lord, just wanna be left alone and drive a train day and night, pursue a honourable career as a lawman, tame, train and breed horses or do something entirely different - you will meet interesting, funny and also dangerous folk while making a name. Go look for people with the same enemies and you might just make yourself some friends, perhaps even rising to lead a feared and respected gang.

All the doors are wide open for you, so who do you choose to be?
Ranch, mine, farm, trade, loot, shoot, hunt and create your own story.

Key Features

  • Running on VORP Core

  • Skill based crafting system

  • Send and receive telegrams from everywhere

  • Player driven economy

  • Serious roleplay

  • Custom builds (native camps, race tracks, fighting pits, player shops, etc.)

  • Large variety of professions
    Horse Trainer
    Horse Breeder
    Bounty Hunter
    Train Conductor
    Gold Panner
    Native Craftsman
    Medicine Man/Shaman

  • Shady ways to earn money include but are not limited to
    Simple to elite drugs
    Robbing banks, stores and people

Join us now and claim your place in the west.

Discord & Rules


Changelog 07/08/2022

  • Fireworks, Smoke bombs etc. added in
  • Canteen script fully finished (Animation for female characters and no more horse trickery)
  • Props added like parasols, canes etc.
  • NPC doctors in every town (for revive)
  • Legendary hunts → Not active atm needs to be polished
  • Blackjack script! In saloons and bars you will find a blackjack table
  • Herbs are in! use your eagle eye to find them
  • Archaeology → Grab a shovel and sell your finds to the archaeology guild!
  • 99% of enterable houses are for sale → you will be able to purchase them in a bit when we got a first look at how much people are making on average
  • General stores in every town
  • Banks added to Armadillo and Annesburg
  • Banks have safety deposit boxes → Can be upgraded
  • Banks are open between 0700 till 2200
  • Alerts should be fixed
  • Society’s / ledgers etc should have the proper ranks tied to it
  • Custom script to add different effects to smokeable wares → Opium, weed and in the future custom cigs

Changelog 07/20/2022

  • Metabolism updated now able to add smokeables
  • New minigame for store robberies
  • Added custom Blacksmith to Manzanita
  • Lil Mail TLC
  • Automated Doctor and Law Clockin on Discord
  • Motels added to every town

Housing update

  • People can buy furniture from Carpenters and Blacksmiths to place in their home
  • Easier houses taxed directly through the housing menu

Changelog 07/27/2022

  • New bank in Strawberry, banks are linked as follows: Armadillo & Blackwater, Strawberry & Valentine, Rhodes & Saint Denis & Annesburg
  • Crops growing time decreased by 50%
  • Custom interior for Smoking Barrels in Strawberry
  • Milk and Eggs available at the farmers market until we get some Ranchers
  • Alcohol craftable by everyone until we get the Brewery in
  • Added crafting spot in Strawberry & Rhodes next to the Butcher
  • Automatic payment for doctor and law bills disabled
  • Deathcam bug fixed

Changelog 07/30/2022

  • Limited items to the Drying Rack: Deer Jerky (requires Salt now), Dried Bluegil, Jerked Gamemeat, Ratjerkey
  • Added recipe: Venison Steak
    Recipes added (Drying Rack only):
  • Dried Small Chain Pickerel
  • Dried Small Redfin Pickerel
  • Dried Small Bullhead Catfish
  • Dried Small Perch
  • Dried Small Rockbass
  • Dried Smallmouth Bass
  • Dried Largemouth Bass

To craft the Drying Rack, look in Basic crafting after gaining some experience

  • Breeding prices have been looked at and adjusted to better reflect the economy

Changelog 08/08/2022

  • New custom Doctor’s Office in Blackwater
  • New custom Sheriff’s Office in Armadillo
  • Dogs now available at the Valentine Animal Shelter
  • Camps with Posse activites will be added shortly
  • Clothing and Make-up Store added to Strawberry

Changelog 08/19/2022

  • Housing is in → apply for houses in a ticket

  • Camp/Clan is in → buy a camp flag in Blackwater

  • Bartending script added, Bartenders can offer drinks and foods on the counter

  • custom Ambushes and Legendary Hunts added

  • Camping store added

  • Housing deco store added

  • Carpenters, Blacksmiths and Shamans are able to craft furniture and utility appliances for your camps and houses!

  • new stable at MacFarlane’s

  • new custom Gunstore in Blackwater

  • new custom Doctor’s Office in Blackwater

  • new custom Sheriff’s Office in Armadillo

  • new bar in Strawberry

  • new Doctor Store in Strawberry

  • Pomade added to the General Stores

  • Archaeology payout raised to better integrate into the economy

Changelog 09/11/2022

  • successful switch to the new machine, raised server cap to 80 slots

  • new doctor script fully implemented

  • new recipes for medical items, not only for doctors

  • smelling salts are usable for everyone, get your one a week now from your local doc!

  • doctors and law can now inspect (knocked out) people for their injuries

  • new oil refinery script implemented with 4 different jobs

  • when creating a new character you can now decide where you want to start your journey

  • new pet script is in the works, pets will age, can be leveled, you can have birds, cats, dogs and maybe some more, coming soon!

  • added new locations for store robberies

  • adjusted former mini map to compass only

  • custom Saloon in Blackwater

  • custom Carpenters Showroom in Blackwater

  • added two signature dishes for the two saloons: Poyha & Magpie’s Peach Pie!

Changelog 09/13/2022

Balancing Changes:

  • payout for drug sales increased
  • added miner’s store in Strawberry and Blackwater, you can buy a pickaxe and hatchet there, as well as the most basic materials like wood, iron and coal
  • stone hammers, garden hoes and plant trimmers were added to each farmer’s market
  • all recipes that required 2 x salt or 2 x crows garlic were changed to one of each
  • all basic resources have been raised to 40, all growable plants have been raised to 42 item cap (if you see an item of this type still at 20/21, let us know!).
  • Blacksmith’s can now make Small/Medium/Large weapon kits. No more mold’s. From iron bars straight to weapon kits. (No icon for the kit’s yet will come on a later date)
  • Doubled on most gathering resources → Minning → Gold panning → Woodcutting.
  • Small increase to fish prices.
  • Crafting recipes for Alcoholic beverages adjusted. 2 x reward for same crafting recipe.

Changelog 09/14/2022

Horse Taming Overhaul:

  • 30+ horses that used to be only available at the stables are now tamable and roam somewhere in the county
  • everyone is now able to sell tamed horses to the local horse trainer, you will find those in Tumbleweed, Strawberry, Blackwater, Valentine, Annesburg, Rhodes, Guarma and Saint Denis (selling prices might be adjusted)