Northslope RP | Vmenu and ESX Servers! Hiring for Both! Vmenu mainly!

Welcome to Northslope Roleplay.
This community has been around for a few years but has never really gained traction.

In the background we have been working with some talented developers to bring unique content to our city.

For starters we have:

     Ownable Trucking Companys with leveling
     Mining system
     Rob Bank trucks for cash
     Casino with working blackjack and slots
     Sonoran CAD with Intergration and Police Live Map
     Custom phone
     Unique Car Dealers
     Plane Dealers
     Cayo Island With Adventures to be had on there aswell
     Pilot Jobs
     Taxi Services
     Custom vehicles
     Ability to spawn Vanilla Cars but Purchase addon Vehicles.
     Multi Character system AND ALOT MORE!

The server is not limited to just our scripts and backend work. The way the server plays out is up to you! Your own mind will dictate the direction the server will go. Now if you are wondering what kind of jobs we have in our city here you go:

     Realestate Agent
     Tow truck Driver
     DOT (Manage the truckers make sure they are not overweight or in violation of state codes)
     Car Dealer
     Plane Dealer

There will be more jobs and content coming soon but time and member counts will tell us if we need to add things or remove things. We are dedicated to our members

Meaning we value the input of the community when pushing updates. ALL of our updates and changes that are MASSIVE will be polled on the forums to make sure the
members are kept up to date and know their voice means something. We ARE looking for ACTIVE people to manage some parts of our team. For example, EMS and FIRE Needs
department heads. If you Feel you can manage these roles please ask scaredy for a interview!

Thank you for reading the post. I hope to see you in the city! Im looking forward to sharing what we have to you people!



SAST Fleet Over 20 Cars

LSPD Fleet

BCSO Fleet

—civ interactions—
None Sadly :’( Come be the first!!! <3


This Server is honestly great and welcoming

This server has been nothing but accepting. Members allow for amazing and professional role play that allows for both cops and civs to have a good time. The developer of this server is extremely knowledgeable and has made the Eco server amazing!

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this is a great server alot of friendly people good rp cars great server!!!

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Had an amazing time playing last night! Great LEO’s and scripts

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love dis server

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Bumping because new info

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Just Added a bunch of new content!!!
Synced all characters and vehicle plates to the cad so it auto registers.
added ingame cad
added 911 sync to cad options.
Come on by!

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Great Server, great civs, Great CAD.

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Bumping! We are Still Hiring EMS and Fire Heads! Speak to Scaredykat when you join the discord!

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Lazygaming Roleplay is a serious and economy driven role-play community. We have custom cars, with customized economy, Active Development, with experience in roleplay for over 4 years.

We are looking for active Law enforcement officers, who are ready to be active on the server, we are hiring in all departments. We are also looking for active civilians who bring original unique, characters to our city. We are also looking for twitch servers to help promote our server.

We are also looking for Active Staff to join our team!

Why Join?

  • RP to your choice
  • Custom Scripts to add realism
  • Custom Buildings to bring the city to life
  • Custom Cars for civilians made by deltafoxtrot
  • Custom Police Cars for LEO’s
  • Sonoran CAD for all police, allowing realistic RP
  • Mumble voice, with radio for realistic RTO
  • Active Friendly owners
  • Numerous sub-departments to enhance your career
  • We don’t limit where you play

Server IP fivem://connect/ -


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–Bumping with new information

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Now Hiring for Head of SAST! ( SanAndreas State Troopers) Get in here and talk to scaredy to apply!

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New Info Posted on main page! -bump-

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This is a really great server ive been in this community for over 5 months now the server owner is a really nice guy, the server admins are really nice and chill, i am looking up to staying on the server for as long as i can and then mabye becoming a staff member but thats only for the future to know.

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Discord revamp! Verifies Streamer Positions now are available! Active development, all new EUP

New Casino Blackjack update! come stop by and check it out! <3 we are vMenu still but with eco intergrated for more RP! -bump


New Version Release! Come check it out! Lots of new content Added! More optimizations and Additions! Vehicle Special order system and more!