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Northern Roleplay

Northern Roleplay is a North-American based FiveM roleplay server. Our vision is to create a community where all members are valued and enjoy coming to roleplay every day. We strive to establish the standard in delivering a professional roleplaying experience while developing a close-knit family.

Our values are:

  • Encourage Moral and Ethical values
  • Communicate honestly, often, clearly and with integrity
  • Demonstrate the desire for excellence in all areas
  • Be mindful to and value each member who makes the choice to enter our community
  • Be innovative and open to ideas. Change is an opportunity.
  • Encourage decision making at every level, so that all may contribute to the growth of the community
  • Recognize and celebrate diversity in the community.

How our membership works.

Civilian Operations

No matter who you are, everyone is a part of civilian operations. No reserves, no transfers, no hassle. If you’re a member of the community, you’re a member of civilian operations. As you are onboarded into the community, you will be given a straightforward slideshow that explains the expectations, and you’re good to go!

Law Enforcement

When applying to a law enforcement agency, there are two to choose from. The Los Santos Police Department or the San Andreas Department of Public Safety. Both departments have unique opportunities, vehicles, jurisdiction, and subdivisions to choose from.

San Andreas Fire & EMS (SAFE)

Our fire service has a custom fleet of firefighting vehicles and medical response vehicles, with opportunities to specialize in various ways. From hazmat and rescue, to fire marshall and POVs. The possibilities are endless.

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One big and loving family Suggest joining it

Amazing server and even better community!

Great community with some great CoC. Come check us out and join the family!

Great community with lots of friendly members and staff!

best community ever Join today!

When I First Joined NorthernRP, On The 20th Of January This Year, I was instantly greeted with open arms, I knew this was the server that I could relax to without having to deal with annoying kids blowing up stuff, and that is still true over 4 months later, Give NorthernRP a try, you won’t forget it

Love this server. Feels like a big family. Loads of jobs and departments. A deeply motivated Dev team that constantly rolls out amazing and engaging content. Support for streamers. A great social media following, and a ton of custom scripts which makes this feel like the real world. LEO departments have several subdivisions and great leadership. Fire and EMS as well as a ton of Civilian job opportunities and RP suggestions. Ive played for 100s and 100s of hours and haven’t run out of ideas or fun things to do and I doubt that I ever will playing with this community. I hope to meet you there!

Upon joining Northern right after the new year, I knew this server was going to do very great. The head administration is VERY experienced when it comes to this stuff. Not only is Northern a great place for RP, it is a great place to hang out and make friends. Everyone here is friendly especially the CoC and Staff that I have personally worked with. Every day the server is full of people having fun and making memories. Trust me, apply today.

This is an amazing server I recommend joining

As a member of many prior roleplay communities, I really enjoy Northern RP for the values and leadership the community has. Check us out, you will be glad you did. :slight_smile:

Always looking to add more members to the community! Come apply today!