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North Star State Roleplay

Discord: Recruitment Discord

North Star State Roleplay is a small server Created by a Group of Friends all experienced with FiveM/GTA V Development. Our goal is to make a Server that is grounded in realism but still fun to play on. We are looking to recruit new members into every Department in the server. We do not over-priorise LEO’s from Civilian Operations, and are constantly bringing new features and Roleplay Opportunities to all Departments.

Our Features:

  • NAT2K15’s Character Framework (Soon to be V2)
  • High Quality EUP Assets from Creators like Kuwu, Laggo, SgtFranki and Code5Mods
  • EUP Textures & Liveries created by the Owners & Developers
  • Custom LEO Vehicles made by TenderModifications
  • Optimised to prioritise Server Performance.
  • Open High-ranking Spots in every Department
  • Mumble-VOIP/ In-game RTO (No 3rd Party Program Needed!)
  • RocketCAD
  • vMenu-based
  • Social Media Presence (Twitter/Instagram/Tiktok/Youtube)

Our Departments:

Los Santos Police Department (WIP)

The LSPD will not be opened until a larger Player base is Secured.

Blaine County Sheriff's Department

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Department is currently the Largest Department in the server, and is the Primary Policing Agency for Blaine County.
The BCSD has multiple Divisions such as:

  • San Andreas Fish & Game Commission
  • Criminal Investigations Division
  • K-9 Bureau
  • Traffic Enforcement Division
  • Specialised Response Unit

You can find the application in our Recruitment Discord in the #Apply-Here Channel

San Andreas State Troopers

The San Andreas State Troopers is the Highest-Class Agency in the server, as the only way to join it is to be in another department and get noticed for your high effort and contibutions to the LEO Aspects of the Server.
For Divisions, the State Police currently Offers:

  • Marine Patrol Division
  • Criminal Intelligence Unit
  • Narcotics Detection and Abuse Prevention Division (NDAP)
  • Integrated Road Safety Unit
  • State Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T)

You cannot apply for this Department, and may only join by being noticed as a good LEO in another Department.

San Andreas Fire & Rescue (WIP)

SAFR is not yet finished, more will be added here once it is.

Civilian Operations

The Civilian Operations Department is responsible for all RP that does/does not include LEO/Fire/EMS on that scene. Civilian Operations members are the sole cog to keep the Server going.

The CIV-OPS Department offers:

  • Open Command Spots
  • Civilian Ranks w/ Rewards for Good RP
  • Businesses (Companies/Stores)
  • Illegal Organisations (Gangs/Mafias/Cartels)
  • Addon Civilian Vehicles
  • Custom Civilian Clothing

You can find the application in our Recruitment Discord in the #Apply-Here Channel