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North Eastern Role-Play is a server dedicated to providing a place of quality, realistic and fun roleplay. Currently we offer the Los Santos County Sheriffs Office and the Los Santos County EMS for our emergency services departments that serve the entire map, and we will be adding more agencies down the line. We are always looking to improve and take a look at any suggestions from our members. If you are interested or have any questions, join our recruitment discord today!


Law Enforcement Division:

  • Ability to patrol as any Law Enforcement Agency we offer;
  • Custom vehicle skins & uniforms;
  • High quality vehicle models;
  • CAD System with realistic LEO features;
  • Multiple Subdivision’s for each department (Coming Soon).

Civilian Division:

  • Relaxed vehicle & weapon structure;
  • Balanced priority guidelines to ensure realistic & creative scenarios;
  • CAD System to manage characters;
  • Ability to create Civilian Businesses for yourself & other members;
  • Custom IRL & lore friendly add-on vehicles.

EMS Division:

  • Balances high quality EMS roleplay with a straight-forward, and simplistic approach;
  • High quality vehicles with custom skins, as well as uniforms;
  • CAD System with realistic EMS features;
  • Ability to run out of any station in AOP without being restricted to certain areas;
  • Fire Department Addition (Coming Soon).

Recruitment Info:

  • Minimum Age: 15 Years Old;
  • Previous experience is not required;
  • Must join the Recruitment Discord to apply;
  • Must have access to a PC capable of running FiveM before applying;
  • Must have a microphone that produces clear audio.

Further Questions:

We look forward to your application and seeing you in server!

Last night, the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office conducted a R.I.D.E. checkpoint to combat increased drunk driving during the holiday season. Don’t drink and drive! Arrive alive!

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A calm night in Los Santos County, rare enough these days. Whether you want to maintain the peace, or make the Los Santos nightlife a little more interesting; even if you just want to patch up people when the night turns crazy, join us now!

The Los Santos County EMS department just got a new toy! Ain’t she a beauty? If you want to try her out, join now!

Medic1 responding to a MVA with injuries.

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DUI checkpoint conducted in the Sandy Shores community this evening, keeping the citizens safe.

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Old reliable, nothing runs like a Vic!

If you want to try her out, join now !

Showing off some of our CIV cars that’s been added in our newest server update!

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Chief Carrol relaxing at the newly renovated Paleto Bay fire station, catching up on some episodes of his favorite TV show between calls.

Want to check out Paleto, or some of the other amazing map mods that we have in the server? Join NERP today!