North Coast RP | Canadian Based RP Server | Hiring PD Command, EMS, Staff, business owners and gangs

Fly in here: North Coast RP 0.1 / :airplane:

If you are looking for a new place to call home, come check us out.
North Coast RP is a upcoming serious RP server based in Canada.
We have fair and friendly admins and staff active at all hours. Tons of imported cars and clothing to chose from.
Get your grind legally or illegally, whether you want to RP as a hardened criminal looking to take over the city’s underworld, or simply want to relax in your nice house, there are activities and scenarios for every walk of life. With our range of jobs from Mechanic, Tuners, Subway, Trucking, Towing, Realtor and Garbage Collection . Or become a kingpin- buying and selling drugs, robbing stores, and stealing exotic vehicles. There is endless potential.

We are looking for PD, EMS, Staff, business owners and gangs to join our city!

Serious RP :triumph:
Player Owned Businesses :convenience_store:
Rare MLOs :houses:
Big Sign on bonus for PD and EMS :money_with_wings:
Multiple Heists🏦

Join the discord, send me a DM (shherbss#6969) and I will get you started!

North Coast RP 0.1 / to fly in

North Coast RP to join the cord

Hope to see you very soon!

I can be reached on discord @ shherbss#6969

I can be reached on discord @ shherbss#6969

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Still looking for EMS and PD. Command positions are available as well!

bumping to fly in to join the cord

Hiring PD on the spot, fly in today!