None of the other topics helped me. need help

How do I make it so when people join, they spawn at LSIA? Vmenu based server. Not a dev pro either

  1. Copy fivem-map-skater to a new resource such as fivem-map-lsia.
  2. Edit the map.lua in the copy to contain the new coordinates. You can remove or add spawn point entries and change the model too.
  3. Start fivem-map-lsia in your server.cfg.

idk how to grab coordinates

If you use the vMenu go to:

Misc Settings → Developer Tools → Show Cordinates

or use this resource to copy to clipboard:

it didn’t spawn me at the cords i put in the files

it spawns me somewhere else that i didnt put the coords too

remove all of the other ones it picks it at random

I did, its acting like the coords i entered are for some place else how ever I used vmenu and a script to find the coords to lsia

every time is spawns me right here

show me the script

nvm fixed