None of the mods seem to work for me

GTA V latest version.
GTA V version? Latest, updated it about 2 hours ago.
Up to date? Yes
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? CD
Windows version? 7 x64
Error screenshot
GTA V folder screenshot
FiveReborn client folder screenshot
.dmp files

Hi! This that I’ll describe here is something that happens when I join Project Baguette drift server.
First problem.
I can’t change my name, doesn’t mather if I change it in the settings file or in game setting. When I change name in game setting my game crashes when im joining a server.

Second problem.
I can’t see other players, I don’t know if they can see me.

Third problem.
When I tried the game the first couple of times, I had all the car mods installed on the server, there was no issue with that.
After some crashes and restarts I try to join again, I spawn falling under the map then resets on the street, trying to spawn a car mod, but the car is a original Gta V car. So the car mods does not work anymore, and this is only happening to me aparantly.
Neither does the drift tracks exist anymore.

Fourth problem.
When I go to online players in Enhanced trainer, it says " Not in a network session. "
So my guess is I’m not even connected to the servers, but some how I can read the chat and write in the chat.

I don’t have a screenshot because I don’t really know what I should screenshot.
I don’t have a specific time or date because it happens all the time.

NOTE. I have not changed anything, just installed the trainer and the handling.meta. Tried to run the game without both, but no there is no difference.


You are not connected to the server.

So by starting FiveReborn, and joing the server, I’m not connected?
How do i connect then?

Join again. As long as you have a red square on your left top side of the screen you are not connected.

Okey, thanks.

But do you have any solutions on all of my other problems too? For example the nickname problem i have.
Or is it all because Im not connected?

And when I dont type in my nickname it doesn’t seem to crash the game.