[Non-ELS] BCSO SoundOff Mega-Pack+ (28 Cars!) 1.2.3

is there any other skins packs for these?

I did, cuz I love this pack. LSPD, SAHP. :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face: But only for couple of the cars. (Vic, chargers, exp, tahoe)

I did eventually find an LAPD skin pack from CSRPCayden @Maxmode772

You have to thumb through the vehicles.meta file and rename some of the audiohashes. If it isn’t a police model then there will be no siren, just change the audiohash to police3 and it will work just fine. If I recall correctly the default used in the pack was “mesa.” I had the same problem and that’s how I fixed it.

I’m having an issue where the cars are almost transparent and you can just see my character through the car.

will this work for my fiveM server?

hey man is there is a reason every car is almost using the same carcols :\ being non els shouldnt each car have its own

Its because its all the same pattern and lightbar. No need to fill 28 slots when you can fill it with 4.

yes it will

O.k. how about you provide installation instructions for fiveM because I have tried several times to put this pack on my fiveM and it doesn’t work at all. I would love to use it, but unfortunately as you’ve said You don’t provide installation instructions.

installing the car pack is the same as adding any script, just put the folder in your resource folder and ensure the script in the server.cfg

Hey I was wondering how do you install this lol

Would this work with Luxart Vehicle Control or ELS FiveM?

Hello, first off, great pack, really like it, however, while going through all the cars like I do when I add new cars to the server, I realized all SUV and Truck emergency lights are messed up, they are huge and in boxes nowhere near the lightbar, I have been trying to fix this for the past few hours, literally, so if anyone knows the correct numbers on what line to make all the lights seem the same and work properly, that would be great!

can you please do a 2018 charger for me with the same light bar and lighting