Nocity Roleplay 🇬🇧 | Active Police & EMS | Custom Imports | 10K Starting Cash | Custom made 1 of 1 scripts | Active & Friendly Community

Hi! Welcome to Nocity Roleplay!

We are a brand new community ready for new amazing players! There is a wide range of job / activates for you to do when you join the city, also with the new custom 1 of 1 scripts, you can experience things within the city that no one else will… This city is optimised on the latest QB-Core Framework, also all / most people to play the city without head popping!

  • Active Police & EMS
  • Gangs & Drugs
  • Custom Imports
  • Custom made scripts for the server to enjoy!

Link: Discord | YouTube | TikTok | Twitch | Tebex


Do you have a LSPD Department that needs a Chief and Assistant Chief? We would be interested in applying. You can find more about us here: 2 experienced department heads looking for a new community!