Nobody can connect to my server but me

I made a server a while back, but when people try to connect to it, they can’t. This server is hosted in Manitoba, Canada. Below are screenshots of the 2 errors people are having, as I have only had 2 people try to connect to this server. Please note that the person that lives in the Northern U.S.A. has error message ERROR_WINHTTP_TIMEOUT, while the person that lives in Australia only has the “Connecting” message that won’t go away. I can connect to my own server just fine.


Northern U.S.A.

Please help…

Did you let the app through the firewall?

Yes, I have let the port go through my firewall, both UDP and TCP on both Inbound and Outbound Rules. The port is also port forwarded through my router. Any other suggestions??

Is anyone else having this problem??

It looks like your friend tried to connect a local IP thats’ not local to them. They need your public IP and you need to forward the port on the router/gateway of the network that’s hosting the server.

The person from Australia tried to connect to the server using my “Public IP Address”, but got the following error:

Check if your ports are open port: 30120

That is odd, this website says the port is closed, but I have port forwarded on my router and I have allowed the ports through windows firewall. Any suggestions??

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Are you using both tcp and udp?

Yes. Both have been allowed through firewall and have been port forwarded through my TP-LINK Router

Try to disable all firewalls. Windows, avg etc

The website you provided still says port 30120 is down, I am getting a person from Australia to test it for me know.

Nobody is around to test the server, but it is still saying that the port is closed on that website

Any other suggestions??

I’m not sure how your internet is setup, but by chance is your router also connected to a modem? If so, the ports will also need to be open on your modem as all incoming and outgoing connections pass through both the router and modem.

Just a thought.

My router is both a router and modem in one. I tried connecting to my router with a wire, but the website above ( still says port 30120 is closed. Thanks anyway

Any other suggestions??

Please provide us a screenshot of ur port forwarding

Here you go:

And you made your pc’s ip static?

No, but I check everyday and update it if it changes

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