No Shop on my Serveur

Hello guy’s, on first i’m sorry for my bad english, but i ave a big problem whit my server.
I installed a full server, but i don’t have Clothing/Market store, can you help me ?

Si des français passe par là, merci de m’aider.

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Please note that this forum is English only and posting in other languages will result in post removal and/or removal from the forums.

Why ? We speak english, but it’s more simple to speak french with french, you can use translate, like us. Nothing bad, just help, we provide help with scripts too

Except we own this forum - non-French speakers. If you want to speak in French so much, go make or or some shit like that…

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(.re) Is island réunion. We are nicer than the French

Maybe you own this forum but I think you, personally, don’t own ‘respect’. We all have to adopt a decent behavior on a public forum. Language souldn’t be a barrier since (always) knowlegde is universal.

Thanks !

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