No Server Screen, Not Connecting?

So… im having a problem. When i launch my game via the FiveReborn.exe, it will launch the game and in between there it asks for admin permission. Once before the game opens and once after. But my problem is that once it launches, there is no server menu, just a blue screen! after about 20 seconds it goes to the normal GTA V loading screen. Once its done with that (if it actually loads, sometimes it doesn’t and just sits on the blue screen) it joins a random game and shows that it failed to connect (the red square in the top left corner). i will upload a video to show you it happening. well, the video only shows one of the times that it sits at the blue screen.

Video Link

I am having the same issue, only difference is, it won’t connect at all, just stuck at a blue screen. If you happened to have fixed this issue or if anyone else knows how to fix this issue please help me.

Same here :confused:
Will this ever be fixed? This post was from August… wtf