No server list/ loads into random empty story mode

GTA V version? Up to date with the most current version

Up to date? Yes

Legit or Pirate copy? Legit through steam

Steam/CD/Social Club? Steam

Windows version? 10

Error screenshot:

ALSO not pictured is when i randomly click something, it loads into story mode, i am some random looking character and its empty. no players/ missions etc.

GTA V folder screenshot:

FiveReborn client folder screenshot: (1)


Also add what you already tried so far.

reinstalling fivereborn, multiple times, restarting pc multiple times. setting compatibility to windows 8/7, running as administrator, allowing acces through firewall. still nothing.
The weirdest thing is if i click the screen anywhere, it says “loading story mode” and i get out into a blank map with no one in it, with some random character, and no missions.

Having the same problem. I can only do get it to do this in windows 7 compatibility mode. I have the citizenfx error otherwise, even with igpu disabled and all latest drivers for everything. No idea why I can’t get a server list to show.

me too, please find solution. italy
hd 6850
i5 2500
win 10 pro - compatibility win vista sp 2

Can you post the contents of your CitizenFX log?

Please use the method found in this topic:

How to direct connect through IP

Here’s a link to my most recent log. Hope the link is ok

i5 2500k
amd 6950 2gb dx11
win 10 pro build 14393

@Boss where i search ip server? this not work

Gave it a shot, and no go. FiverReborn/citizen/ui/mpmenu right? copy and pasted directly.
Here’s new citizen log if needed.


Check the FiveReborn server list.

same problem as @radlikemydad and any solution here work ? Windows 10 too … May be this the problem ?

@cedricalpatch press key windows and click in the “X” up

@pokii thanks for you reply but Nothing work … I have see we need put one file in fivereborn for have server list but I dont know where?

@pokii Can you tell me exactly Key Windows ? I dont sure and still not work . I make for my dedicat server and I need this work …

You speak of ??

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