No/minimal application? GTA fun but realistic

Hi, I have role played on forum boards for 14 years and played a range of role play based games over the years. So, I am not stranger to role play. I was just wondering if there were any servers out there that do not require an application to be completed or it is very minimal.

I am capable of writing applications, but putting your heart and sole into something and not being accepted or not hearing back is quite deflating. I have gotten impatient in my old age (33) and I just want to get online after work and chill out a bit, not stress over 1000 words per box. I totally understand about giving some background information on my character. However, giving four role play examples for different situations all of which need to be 500 words or more just a bit too much. Like I said, I am in my thirties and just want to have a bit of fun and let my hair down. And not wait 20 hours for a server to load.

I would like somewhere that is fun but also realistic. Please, no dissing. If this does not fit a server you know of, just ignore it. If it fits one, please, let me know.

Many thanks


There are a lot of public roleplay servers available that do not require you to fill out any applications. However, most roleplay server do require you to become a whitelisted member if you want to roleplay as part of emergency services (i.e. Cop or EMS).

What I suggest you do is launch FiveM and sort the server list by number of occupied slots. You can then get an idea of the most popular servers. I personally prefer servers that do not use premade frameworks like esx or vRP, so I would refrain from any servers with that in their title or in their resources.

Since this is the #server-development:server-bazaar section, I would love to see you play on SALRP ( During (late) evenings EU and day time NA, the server is nearly always full and I consider this one of the best public roleplay servers.

Another server that I used to play on a lot before SALRP is called Revolution Life. They also take care of their community a lot and they use custom scripts that are very well written, much like SALRP.

Good luck.

Hi d0p2t,

Thank you for your reply. I will check out SALRP tonight. Thank you : )

Hi, @Knoksk.

I think I know how it probably feels like. I guess that varies with each server and community. I am still new in FiveM, even though I am building my own server for months now. But I’ve decided to build server, because I’ve wanted to race with my friends with more realistic (and illegal) manner. Then, I’ve started to add more things that could immerse the gameplay overall. And, right now, we have already fully working RP base (based on ESX), but without any trainers. That’s was my goal from the beginning. No running and screaming “failed RP!” :smiley:

Speaking of RP, for now, we have only PD fully operable and some stable and edited jobs. I will focus more in next weeks on EMS and firefighters as well on other jobs.

Like I’ve said, our server is heavily focused on cars, meaning we have almost 100 add on cars atm. buyable via dealership and tunable in LSC and Benny’s (no performance mods, those will come later on). I am adding cars and even fixing them, making add ons from replacements (mostly because of prevention against FPS issues that other servers might have). And we do regular car meet ups :slight_smile:

Feel free to check it out and give us some feedback, whenever you will like it or not.

Hi @MoravianLion

Thank you for replying to me. Your server sounds interesting and I have a character who could fit the wholr racing/mechanic type world. I will defo check this out later.

Thanks : )

Mechanic is not tested atm, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I should be able to set it up for you. For now, we use Fox fix script (instant repair points through out the map, costs you money). Theoretically, I could put bigger prices on Fox fixes and put some decent ones for mechanics like you. That could work pretty well, don’t you think? :slight_smile: So there would be motivation to use your services.

Another idea I play with recently, is to build new, exclusive racetrack for our server. Mechanics would be very desirable there during race days, lol! But that will come later.

Feel free to type me anything regarding this to private msg on Discord MoravianLion#8518