[NO LONGER LOOKING] Looking To Become a Business Owner & Developer

Hey there, I know you’re probably interested in recruiting me, and I’m up to listen to your pitch, but there are mainly a few things I’m looking for in a server.

Let me introduce myself; I’m Gunsmoke2. Although most people call me Everett, I’ve been playing FiveM for three years now and am looking for a new server to spend my time In. My previous server had an owner who mostly micromanaged the staff team, police, business owners, etc. And I’m not looking for that. I am an actual developer, not a config warrior. I have experience writing scripts from scratch for various frameworks such as QBCore, ESX, and fully custom frameworks. What I’m looking to do is become a developer for your server in addition to running a business.

These are my requirements.

  • Economy Server
  • Ability to Own a Business
  • Owners Listen to Constructive Criticism
  • Already Established Server with a Player Base

You can reach out to me on here via this thread or you can add/dm me on Discord @ Gunsmoke2#9721.

You’re declining discord friend requests, feel free to add me Howdy#9999.

Hello Everett! Join my RP discord here-Sinister Roleplay. Feel free to contact me threw their so we can discuss details :slight_smile:

Still Looking!

I just added you bro