No Life RP | 18+ QBCore | Serious, Content-focused RP | Friendly Community | Business Apps Open | Whitelisted Jobs Actively Hiring

Welcome to No Life RP! | QB-Core Roleplay Server

No Life RP is a content-focused roleplay community with a focus on interaction and immersion. We are a growing community that has something to offer for all walks of life within the city. Our goal is to create an fun and engaging environment for everyone. We have an active staff and dedicated development team brining together years of experience to provide the best experience for our players.


Sneak Peeks into No Life
¤ Starter Cash + Apartment
¤ Custom Hair and Clothing
¤ Comic Shop, Trading Cards, Plushies, and more!
¤ Rotating Import Car Availability
¤ Advanced Housing and Real Estate System
¤ Public Job Center
¤ Custom Weapons
¤ [NEW] Boosting/Vin
¤ Fishing
¤ Mining

Whitelisted Jobs 《 Actively Hiring 》
¤ Los Santos Police Department
¤ San Andreas Fire Rescue
¤ Department of Justice
¤ Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Player-Owned Businesses 《 Business Applications Open 》
¤ Kit-Kat’s Ice Cream Shop
¤ Pappadoc’s
¤ Nina’s Pizzeria
¤ UwU Cafe
¤ Container Coffee
¤ Tequilala
¤ Pop’s Diner
¤ Ammunation
¤ And More!

Unique and Progressive Heists
¤ Warehouse Heist
¤ Yacht
¤ Custom Bank Heists
¤ Tiered Bank Truck Robberies
¤ Bobcat Security

Interactive Drug System
¤ Weed
¤ Coke
¤ Meth
¤ Heroin
¤ [NEW] Moonshine


Interested in what No Life has to offer? Join today at No Life RP

Business Applications Are Open! See the discord for available business options.

Got an idea for a business? Write up a business plan and tell us your thoughts and ideas!

We just released a huge update of new content for the city! Come check out what we have to offer!

Join the Discord Here!

Major February Update - Now Live!

Break Cuffs
Yacht Heist
QOL Updates
Shops Inventory Updates (Comic, 24/7, ect.)

Join us this Saturday, February 25 at 10PM EST for the Champions of No Life Boxing Event! Knock out your opponent to win. There will be a cash prize of 50K on the table! Following the bracket there will be a Free For All with a chance to earn more prizes!

Our favorite local ice cream shop just underwent some rebranding and menu update!

Stop by Kit-Kat’s today for a sweet treat!


We are currently on the search for an EMS Chief! Please join the discord and open a ticket if you are interested in leading the San Andreas Fire Rescue!


Tomorrow at 7PM there will be a car meet at Nina’s Pizzeria followed by a race! PDM Sports Cars Only and winner will be taking home there very own 1-of-1! Good Luck!

Boosting has finally been introduced into No Life! Join Today and get in on the action!

Join us March 9th for a special trivia event! Contestants will show off their knowledge and see how far they can go! Prizes will include money, cars and a special discord role!

Interested in joining an active PD Force? Chief Zeus Lightning :zap: is always looking for more officers to protect the streets of Los Santos!

LS Customs is now open! Stop by for repairs, resprays, upgrades, and more!

Not sure if we’re open? Check the services app on your phone!

The Diamond Casino is Now Open!

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