No citizenFX ticket specified If this is an offline server, maybe set sv_lan?

Hi everyone i have been searching since last night for a solution to my problem which is whenever i try t join any server i get the message No citizenFX ticket specified If this is an offline server, maybe set sv_lan? . i have tried every solution on this forum i tried Deleting my cache uninstalling reinstalling i tried adding UpdateChannel=canary to the CitizenFX.ini but i have add no luck please somebody save me

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I’d like to see an answer to this as well. would you happen to have your steam account listed under the accounts tab in settings? I believe the issue may be there. I’ve been digging through files in redm to see if i can find anything about it.

the same problem, help, please

Some cool person on a discord told me that you need to delete folder C:\Users\User \AppData\Local\DigitalEntitilements. This worked for me. Hope it works for you.

I also got the one-blue-table error after and that solution is here just in case.
Link: Crash RDR2 + 25F0623 one-blue-table

So RedM only works with steam version of the game? Because I own the Rockstar launcher version only and keep having the same issue.

Should work with both.

do you know anything about "An error occurred in module wslbscrwh64.dll ?
now I’ve got ANOTHER issue that I couldn’t find solution in the forum

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