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“All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!”

▸ Recently added a structured Public LEO System so anyone can be a cop. However its regulated, set up with its own fleet of vehicles and properly supervised so we maintain a decent standard of RP. But a nice way for newcomers to check things out if Law Enforcement RP is more their style than Civilian RP.

• Hiring many positions for departments! Transfers Welcome! Looking for mature players.

• Police / FIRE-EMS / DOT / Security / FAA / Towing & More! Including some real life and lore friendly.

• Custom interiors and map additions - over 300 Realistic Interiors! More than almost any FiveM server.

• Over 800 realistic vehicles and more always being added!

• Mini-Games like basketball, darts, pool, golf, tennis, arcade games - play with friends in FiveM!

• Customized liveries and EUP even for civilian RP ideas upon request

• Certified Businesses & Casual Businesses

• Voluntary economy system with banking, ATMs, wire transfers, cash wallet & account.

• More freedom to do the types of RP and use items you want.

• Customized CAD System

• Friendly community. Some players who have been playing GTA since 1997!

• Old school gamers and new alike. Bringing a variety of RP experience and unique aspects.

• vMenu based hybrid system. Easier to use, make characters, spawn vehicles and customize faster.
(not fully esx but still having some features you would find from ESX scripts while being easier to use)

• Prone/Crouch, Custom Weapon Handling Animation

• Many Other Great Features Too Many To List Here!

At NFRP we strive to have a unique experience. Where RP can bring you anywhere in San Andreas. A realistic RP experience that is immersive and varied. We allow gang RP, militia RP to an extent, we encourage business and passive RP, detailed civilian backstories and ideas. We don’t want to limit your opportunities to have fun like some servers do. We are a new server, but growing. If you are looking for a server with a lot of content, come check us out. We would love to have you.

Many Custom Liveries…

Some Public LEO Shots…

A Few Random Shots…

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An update for today. Recently added all new customized LSPD fleet with LAPD style. Additionally two totally custom sets of Public Officer vehicles. One for POLICE and one for SHERIFF. Regulated. So as to not be jank etc. Pubcop’s can be jank in some servers as we all know so we have put some measures in place to keep things at a decent level of RP. Adding another full customized DOT fleet. We have two divisions of DOT one is Enforcement (LEO) another is Maintenance.