Night Shade Roleplay | Non-Economy Server | 300+ Addon Vehicles | Custom Scripts | Looking For Department Heads And Staff

About Us:
Hello, let me start off by saying I have had enough time due to being quarantined to create my new server Night Shade Role play. I have only had the server up for 3 days now… I am loving the way it is turning out. It is a VMenu, free roam rp server. Meaning you can be creative as you role play. It consists of over 300 custom vehicles, a lot of neat scripts to make it stand out from the rest. You also have the ability to truck or if no one is on you can pull AI over. Anyways, it is currently just me and my co-founder Armon Knight and we are in search of staff… We will start anyone who is eligible (must be 17+) off as trial admins. We will see what you are capable of and how active you are… We don’t ask you to be on 24/7 but just 2 days a week is enough for us. All departments are open and need heads. We need civilians to further the role play experience. We also need people to run our motels, car shows, and drift events… Also who is going to fly us across the map? Anyways, if you want to join the link will be posted. Just come give us a look and leave if its not good enough for you… Want to see something added? Just recommend it to us! Thanks for reading this post and y’all have a safe and Merry Christmas.

We Are Not An Economy Server! Be Creative!

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for more cops to get these crazy ai drivers off the streets let alone these crazy members!!! Help is needed!!!

My Discord - D-01 | CodyTheDev™#9853
NSRP Server
Server IP:


  1. No Fail RP
  2. Don’t Let Your Badge Get Your Senses
  3. Do Your Job
  4. Do Not Interrupt Another Officers Scene As It Could Ruin It… (AI)
  5. Have Fun_
  6. Be Respectful To All Players!
  7. You Better Be Active!!! :rofl:


I hope y’all like the pictures! They are all from my previous to current server. Servers haven’t lost much but gained.

Community Pictures -

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  • Beautiful Non ELS vehicles.
  • All Server Sided Stuff!
  • CAD/MDT system.
  • Never the same thing!
  • Random events, such as concerts, disasters and so on.
  • Each department is unique.
  • We use EUP
  • Pull Over AI, Ticket Them or Arrest Em!
  • Radar and other advanced tools for LEO’s.
  • Friendly and respectful staff.
  • Flexible community. We won’t force people to join, you are free to join a patrol if you wish.
  • Serious RP. No drama during RP sessions.
  • The Founders are open to everyone.

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NSRP is a new server I just got up and going. Currently it is just me and my Co-Founder… We need staff and head of departments. Feel free to join and take a look… We are not an economy server!

Now Introducing FivePD To Our Server!
Are you looking for a server that you can roleplay normal on? No civs on? No problem! You can now pull AI over and arrest them for looking stupid if you want! However that might not go so well come the arrest report… Many other new scenarios have been made where you can repo cars, call cops in for back up, you can call in life flight, taxis, tow trucks, coroners, and more! Also you can find illegal street races happening and even broken down to abandoned cars just sitting in the middle of the road! Did I mention we also have active trains in our server!? Come check out what else we have if you wish to!

We are in need of civilians and we are recruiting in ALL departments! We’d love to have you! - NSRP