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Night City RP

:crescent_moon: Night City RP :crescent_moon:

We are One-Sync Stable!

We are a newly wiped server, with a very good team of staff, and a talented group of devs who are recruiting for more! As well we have our own Graphic Designer for our LEO/EMS skins, and custom EUP options. Night City RP is a tight knit serious RP server. If you are looking for a more serious side to RP, look no further. We have accurate wages, car prices, gun prices, and drug prices. We have multiple active Developers who look at suggestions every day. We also have a very active Law Enforcement base, and we are always hiring more! We pride ourselves on our police force, we have received countless praises on how professional our police are. We employ a rigorous police training so our police force is highly trained. We strive to be the best police force in the FiveM community.

Recent New Features

Multi Separate Characters!

House Robberies

Live Anywhere Around the State with Interior and Inventory!

300+ Emotes Added w/Props

Complex Bank Robbery System

Custom Illegal Activities

Server Features

Custom Made Scripts

Whitelisted Police/EMS/Gangs

200+ Custom Cars

Unique Drug System

Strong Community

Hardworking/Active Developers

Realistic Economy

Court System

Pawn Shop

Trunk Inventory

Realistic Clothing Brands

Rentable Motels all around the map

Join us today!

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How to I register to be accepted into the server?

It is a public server open to everyone. if you have fiveM you can log into insomnia. we have applications for all whitelisted jobs and information on the discord.

i was banned for no reason and when i try to join it says permanent ban unknown reason

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Don’t listen to some of the people here, they don’t know how to do serious RP. Happy RP’ers don’t come here to post, give us a try, I promise you won’t regret it :slight_smile:

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*join’s server, works for 3 hours getting 100k to afford car, figured since i had to pull money out to buy a gun and license i had to pull money out to buy car, (still not sure if this is true or not or if you can keep the money in the bank) goes to car dealer, gets ran over by some crazy fella, no ems or police online, loses entire cash stack due to no ems online and no police to take care of the crazy fella. get more police and ems PLEASE, i enjoy the server, but fuck wasting 3 hours of my time gathering cash because no ems online sucks, and i know “i should’ve kept in bank” but i wanted to make a purchase. also there were no mechanics or real estate agents online either, just a bunch of crazy people.

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Horriable admins pay to win trash server


lol thats a public server for you!! Public servers are so overrated, but ppl use them to make everyone think they have a big community…

Admins only take one trolls side then are quick to ban you fir fighting back lmfao


If anyone is thinking of joining this server don’t the admins are very rude, they never answer questions without making you look dumb, if they dont have their way they’ll ban you.

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yup admins are little babies

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Seems like all the ppl that wanna trash talk was actually banned for hacking and then want an explanation for why they were banned. Seems legit.

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There are banks you should of used…if you get killed by a local and have to respawn…then whos fault is that.


Would not recommend this server to anyone, about half of the cops are children and cohort with the civilians to get their way. They’ll constantly break character to slam you with charges that are unreasonable. I would not even bother joining until the server fixes the problem, Because even when you make a report the administration doesn’t care to look at it let alone take action on it.On banning they only ban people when they absolutely deserve it, and their kicks are fair, just read the rules. If you’re looking to play a serious RP server, find somewhere else. If you do decide to join, all I gotta say is good luck.

We pride ourselves on our police force, we have received countless praises on how professional our police our. We employ a rigorous police training so our police force is highly trained. We strive to be the best police force in the FiveM community, and we always take every report against our force seriously. There is a police report form that we have pinned in our discord, please fill that out and explain the problems you have. High command looks at every report and will take action if necessary.

Already did, nothing happened, it’s whatever

Might wanna look into the first report I filed about Discovery, sent my buddy to jail for like 85 minutes.

That must have been a long time ago because about 3 months ago we changed it so max jail time is 30 minutes

How do you know that the report wasn’t handled? All reports/complaints sent in for an officer of our police department are always looked at and handled. You may not hear about it because we keep the consequences and the report confidential at all time. But assuming nothing happened is not good. They are always looked at and false or not they still get spoken to about it.