Nib mods

How to install NIB MODS on fivereborn clinet and server ?


NIB mods?

how to install hulk mod for fivereborn clinet like this

where should i pour .ydr format in fivereborn clinet with openiv program or not

NIB Mods are mods that use the NIB menu. They use scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet. I am currently wondering the same thing.

I have applied all the necessary steps from the other mods I use, and am having trouble with this one.

I know a lot of these people are just new people with dumb questions, but this is something I have fully looked into, any help would be greatly appreciated.


you can use hulk mod… but ,… you wont b able to use w.i.p hulk model so you need to use some other NPC model for hulk

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What about the hulk mod allows it to work, versus the others?

I am currently trying EVERYTHING I can to get other mods working with friends.

WIll have to try hulk in the meantime.

@Pentine… your can get the script’s features like this :- put scripthookvnet.dll and the .asi in plugins folder… inside it create the scripts folder and put the hulk script there you want me to make a video?

No, I got it finally. Just had to shift some stuff around.

Any luck getting our mods folders working again?

Would greatly help the server, even if its only client side.

Would there be any way to stream the ‘mods’ folder to the server?..

@Pentine ah yes
i have a video on redux mod…which obviously uses mods folder

. lol

Well… could you simply explain it?

or at least link the video.

I don’t have to use an older version of FiveReborn, do I?

@Pentine NOPE, where there is a will there is a way… BAN ME please. cause i do have a vid on how to install that kinda stuf

Wow, just a SUPER appropriate response in a ‘Support’ forum.

Save the whole,

“Look what I did, and all by myself!”,

for your inattentive father.