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Next Gen Roleplay

Wakey Wakey Roleplay is a new FiveM Server that has been created by myself: Jake Wakey
I am looking for the best of the best in this project, Please Join us in our search for new and exiting ways to make FiveM a better game.

What are We Looking For
As of right now I am specifically looking for Department Heads for the San Andreas State Troopers and the San Andreas Fire Department Among that we are looking for Staff Members to help us with the launch of the server.

My Promise
I Promise that this server WILL NOT turn into one of those servers where the owner either doesn’t care for it or they turn corrupt and make bad Roleplay, I am going to make sure that my staff management and departments run at their maximum capacity and have the best possible things on the market.

Our End Goal
Our Goal is to create a clean and friendly roleplaying enviourment for anyone and everyone to enjoy, We are going to crack down on FRP and Trolling and make sure that we have the best people running our departments, My End goal is to make sure our community thrives with the server and so that we can get the best possible Roleplay out of it

Q - How do I become Management
A - If you apply for staff or DM me then we can talk, I want to make sure that I can trust people before giving them that level of responsibility

Q - A Why NGRP?
A - I have a lot of expierience when it comes to managing, directing and making sure a server can survive, Meaning I can promise that I can make the server better than the bigger servers as our Quality of RP will be better, Just because we dont have tens of thousends of members doesn’t make us bad

Discord: Next Generation Roleplay
Owners Discord: Jakeywakey#3436