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Today 40 new Housing shells have been added to dynasty 8!!

Feel free to come check out the new updates! :slight_smile:


Come Check Out Our New MLOs!!! we have plenty of people on a daily basis!!! :slight_smile:

sit back and let me tell story myself and two other friends had spent a week looking for a new server to call home for our Mc. We probably spent close to 20 plus hours and visited over 50 servers. We found nexus purely buy chance. We decided to give a try upon first loading in we where met by mr. Deaforb. He explain little bit about what the city had to offer. I can not express how nice it was to meet someone like him. But anyways he gave us a couple of bikes and we where off exploring the city. My friend and I felt pretty good about this city. So we brought the information to our mc and invited some other members to the server to check it out. We all love it and we voted to call this server home. Since then Deaforb has went above and beyond for use evening going as far as putting in out custom club house as well as some bikes we like for use. I cant recommend this server enough. We as a mc have only begun to scratch the surface of what this server has to offer

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Thankyou :slight_smile: it was very nice to read that and see you all like my work! I know im not talking just for myself, but i am really happy you are all in the server and i know the community feel the same way :grin: You guys are amazing!!

Todays Update was in memory of paul walker, the fast and furious collection has been added to the server!