๐ŸŽ‰ Nexus NetworkRP | Streamer Friendly | Upcoming Community

Nexus Network is a serious economy based roleplay server that originally started in the beginning of 2022 as 3AmigosRP, we were a small community back then and have taken this step for a new path and a new journey to start, and with that being said weโ€™d like to invite you to join us on this journey.

The thing that sets apart from most cities is that we focus on our community and allow them to make the decisions for us. Our development team is constantly working hard to make everything YOU want possible within our city.

Within our server we also have a range of custom vehicles that you can buy at your everyday dealership, fully custom emergency uniforms, and custom uniforms for each business, and we are constantly adding cool features to enhance gameplay.

Requirements to play Nexus:

  • 14+ to join our city
  • 16+ to join LEO departments.
  • Working microphone
  • English Only

Government Jobs:
LSPD [Applications Available]
BCSO [Applications Available]
SAFR [Applications Available]
Note: We have a various amount of sub-departments such as DNR officers, and tac medics, and so much more. There is endless possibilities within our departments.

Player Owned Businesses:

Weazel News [Employing]
(About Weazel: Weazel News is the primary source of the news here in San Andreas, and places a strong part keeping citizens updated on knowledge)

Tuner Shop [Employing]
(About our Tuner Shop: The Tuner shop within the city allows players to upgrade, and customize their vehicles to how they want to see their vehicles perform)

Rebel Towing [Employing]
(About Rebel Towing: Rebel towing is a privately owned business that focuses in repairs, and towing vehicles. They work closely with LEO and help them out day by day.)

Burgershot [Employing]
(About Burgershot: Good ole burgershot, allowing players to grab a burger, fries, and a drink and have a good meal.)

White Widow [ Employing]
(About White Widow: White Widow is the one and only legal weed dispensary in the city, and is pretty awesome)

PDM [Employing]
(About PDM: PDM is our one and only car dealership in the city selling a large range of vehicles.

Note: We are constantly adding more player owned businesses, so who knows maybe you will be the next owner of a business?

Criminal Tasks:

  • Fully customized drug systems within our city
  • Customized heists
  • Weapon Crafting
  • Vehicle Boosting
  • And much much more.

If youโ€™re looking to become apart of a community that is constantly growing, and looking for players we strongly encourage you to join our server. This community is always improving, and we are looking to make a friendly place for everyone.

Note: Our city releases June 3rd, 2022 we are looking for testers and people to fill in spots within departments so join now!!

Discord: Click Here
Docs: Click Here


Wow even copied our forum post from three years ago! Stop literally copying and pasting our property.

๐Ÿš€ Centrix Network // Streamer Friendly // Low-End PC Optimized // Adult Community?

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They just canโ€™t stay away! This is the most flattering thing Iโ€™ve seen this month

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Its a pretty common format, its not word for word and we dont have any intentions โ€œcopying and pasting your propertyโ€ for our server. But anyways shouldnโ€™t you guys be focusing on your 3000+ members instead of a city without 70 membersโ€ฆ

Your docs page stole word-for-word from all of our pages. Also nice penal codes wonder where you got those fromโ€ฆ oh wait.

Which pages?

Not going to argue here, as I stated before Centrix is a registered business. I do not take copyright infringement lightly on any of my businesses including this one.

You will be receiving a cease and desist from my attorney shortly specifically toward the Gitbook you blatantly copied and pasted.

There is no copied messages on the gitbook

Wow! What a nice and friendly community. But I thought you guys were a non-t0xic, family friendly server?

First of all, that has nothing to do with me. Second of all I have no idea who that guy is and he has never once been in my server. Lastly can you guys just move on why are you so obsessed with our server? Scared of us maybe? :joy:

Oh and what about Burke? Joining my server and spamming the hard r kind of makes you look bad dont ya think?