NexonRP 16+ | Nopixel Inspired | Custom Framework | Multiple ways of Drugs | Custom houses everywhere | Gangs & Gang wars | Hiring LEO, EMS, DOJ | Active Staff

Who are we?

NexonRP is a community that has been in works for a while, and previously also have been open, but had to close down due to complications. We now have open again, and fixed up upon the complications we may have had before! This community is like a family, so if you’re searching for a place you can call home, well then search no longere! We will gladly take you in and let you become a part of our great family!

We strive for realism, which means there’s quite few restrictions and rules that would prevent you from a lot of things, we don’t believe in that, we believe in common sense, and the act of realism, wanna steal a cop car? Do it! We dare you, wanna kill someone cause they said your mom is ugly? Well… That’s weird but I guess that’s possible :wink:

Being that we have these few restrictions, also means we allow certain things other community’s may not allow, but that is nothing we will get into here, you can just join the community discord and check that out :wink:

What we need

  • LSSD – Los santos Sheriff’s Department are searching deputies so the city can feel more safe, and also possibly searching some more high ups from experienced people!
  • Head of EMS – There are currently nobody leading the Hospital, or ems so if you feel you have the skills, then feel free to apply absolutely!
  • Chief Judge, District Attorney – Just as we are searching Lawyers an Judges, we are also searching for head of these departments, so we can get any kind of fair system going!
  • Mechanics – Mechanics are an important part of the city, without a mechanic it’ll be hard for proper repairs and towtrucks
  • A lot of other job opportunity’s, restaurants, bars and such.

Unwhitelisted Jobs

  • Mining – Infact mining is not even an official job, you can just go out and mine as anyone and earn some extra cash that way!
  • Farming – Just like mining, this is not an official job, but a decent way to make money.
  • Taxi Driver – Become a taxi driver at the city hall, and drive people around the city so they don’t have to walk.
  • News Reporter – Report all the news going around the city! Maybe you can become famous.
  • Tow Truck – Become a tow truck driver, and pick up cars that needs a tow, or has broken down.
  • Garbage Collector – Earn a little bit of extra cash, by taking out the trash.
  • Trucker – Transport goods around the city to different places.

What can you do?

  • Create your own business, and become a huge and rich organisation around the city, run everything you can
  • Create a gang and mark your territory.
  • Rob stores and/or banks and earn your hard earned cash that way, just be careful not to get caught by the cops!
  • Produce/Transportation of drugs, rumours said there is a lot of transporting between drugs, but it would earn you a pretty good amount of money!
  • Make your own empire and run the city, make everyone know you’re the boss of everything!
  • Go legal way and become a Lawyer, Cop, or even EMS and help people in need of helps and raise in the ranks

Pictures and Showcasings

Will be coming very soon!

How to join

Discord: 16+ | NexonRP
Server IP:

Changelog #1

  • Added the Cayo Island extension for the map
  • Added a function for vending machines, so now you can get water, snacks, coffee etc by their designated vending machines.
  • Added different ways of producing, and getting weed.
  • Fixed the locations in the police departments.
  • Added keys for various locations you can gather items and such.
  • Added hunting script, so now you can hunt animals.
  • Added moneylaundering, you don’t need to worry about finding traphouse anymore only, and know the code! There’s now a laundromat for Marked Bills

We are currently looking for Business Owners, Head of Medicine, District Attorney, Chief Judge, Lawyers, Judges, Cops and staff

  • Added job for cyberbar, you can now own it
  • You can now own a restaurant whereever you want if you get accepted, or even a bar! As custom business
  • Added a gundealer job, who has legally access to better weapons than a normal gunshop

We are currently still looking for Business Owners, Head of Medicine, District Attorney, Chief Judge, Lawyers, Judges, Cops and staff