Newbie Friendly Servers Using English?

I finished installing FiveM today and I’m a bit lost. I see tons of servers, but I want to find one that’s good for new players like myself. I know next to nothing about GTA V RP, but it seems far less annoying than the normal GTA:O which I can’t stand to play anymore.

So yeah, what are some servers I could/should join that are welcoming? Having a Discord server is a bonus!

a lot of servers are very buggy or just low in quality. and depends on what you’re looking for. serious roleplay like nopixel or more cops + robbers or just like some drifting servers

Why don’t you check out Core Roleplay?
Core Roleplay is a serious roleplay community with a focus on a realistic economy and experience. We are a large and welcoming community that offers something for both new and experienced players! We are always happy to help with any questions you might have. Our goal is to have a fun and immersive environment for everyone. We have an active development team that strives to create a unique experience and a dedicated staff that bring years of experience from all types of backgrounds and games.

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