[NEW] West Country RP | Strict RP | Custom Jobs | NoPixel Inspired

A NoPixel inspired server which is driven by our community. Our development team are continuously researching and developing updates to implement into the server to keep the roleplay enjoyable and feature packed.

We aim to make a serious roleplay experience for all our members, creating amazing situations to involve many in, but also a community were you can make friends, chat and enjoy yourself.

Discord: Click Here
Website: Click Here

Main Features:

* Custom EUP Clothing
* Vehicle Chop Shop
* Crafting
* Multiple Types Of Drugs
* Store Robberies
* Bank Robberies
* Bank Truck Robberies
* House Robberies
* BurgerShot
* Tow Truck
* Bean Machine
* Multiple Civilian Jobs
* Modern VOIP, phone and radio
* Mining
* Recycling Center
* Cargo Pilot