{NEW} vMenu | Cthulhu Anarchy {HIRING}

Tired of being told what to do?
Tired of applying to the only fun things?
Tired of word minimums?

Well join my server. Its brand new and needs some thorough testing, plus we’re looking for long-term Staff to build and develop a truly unique community with.

Here at Cthulhu Anarchy, we don’t ban you for using certain words, or for things like “GTA Driving”, because we believe that in the game Grand Theft Auto, you should be able to steal some cars and drive really fucking fast.

Ever wanted to steal a LEO vehicle and pretend to be an Officer while doing some potentially racist things and blaming their entire force, sit back and enjoy the show while an entire investigation is ran on the department? Go right ahead.

What about running an entire empire while you’re the only person able to make money in the server because your Mafia family owns every block? My Staff won’t stop you.

Do you want to be someone to stop all of this nonsense from happening? Be that guy who arrests racist pigs and take down the crime syndicate making it impossible to do anything? Be my guest, I will watch your endeavor with glee.

Basically, I’m offering a unique, once in a lifetime experience every time you join our server. We’re not going anywhere.

DISCORD : Cthulhu Anarchy RP Hub


Server is back online after removing Patreon functionality that I didn’t ask for

Doing more updates before the Weekend, so if you want to see anything added to the server for you now is the time to join

Weekend promotional! Giving away 1M in game cash to the first 10 players that join

Thank you all for joining us this weekend, we had a blast :smiley:

In preparation for the Weekend, we have changed from an Economy to a vMenu server. Come on and join us for all of the chaos that is bound to unfold :o

Server updated to the latest version!