[NEW VER 2.0] NPC Pickup - pickup prostitutes with network-synced animations - [ESX & STANDALONE] [PAID]

Version 1.02 Update

  • Streamlined the code and removed some unnecessary bits for the relationship groups
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the NPC from getting in the vehicle

You can use the same download link to get the updated version - it is only the Client.lua that has been updated so no need to replace all of it again.

Version 1.1 Update (26th Jan 2021)

  • Added ESX compatibility - in the config file, set UseESX to true (by default it is set to false). I have tested this with ESX V1 Final only at present. If your player does not have enough money, it will trigger the /getout command (with a different voice line).

  • When the NPC has exited your vehicle, you will not be able to pick that specific ped up again (to prevent them getting out and then immediately being able to be summoned again)

  • Added check to make sure the NPC is alive

  • Added a timer to prevent the 3D text appearing indefinitely above the NPC’s head in some situations (if they flee before getting in the car)

  • Added a number of new customisations to the config file:

  1. Set price of each action (for ESX only)
  2. Set the 3D text (over the NPC’s head when they are walking to the car)
  3. Set the 3D text timer - prevents the 3D text appearing indefinitely
  4. Set the Chat message content

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Thanks to all who have purchased! We are up to 26 sales now :smiley:

Maybe something like this rather than chat commands?

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Also, maybe add like a shake effect to make it more sensational and intense ;D

yeah that would be much better, then chat commands. :+1:

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Thanks for the suggestion! I have a few optimisations I was looking at implementing, so will see if I can add this at the same time

Also maybe force spawn some hookers around the map. It’s really hard to find them.

I bought it and I have to say good work. All works well, without failures. Like already said a menu or something like that, would be better then these chatcommands, but hey was really a good buy. Thanks for it…

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Im having the issue where the prositute gets into the backseat of the car, and the /getout command doesn’t work.

Will DM you

The /getout command isn’t working for me.

can be so perfect if player need a condom to use

NEW UPDATE - 2.0 - now uses a cleaner notification system, plus other fixes - new video added to the main post

Version 2.0 Update (24th Nov 2021)

  • New notification system that replaces chat commands (though they can still be re-enabled in the config if you wish)

  • Honk your horn to get the prostitute’s attention

  • You must now turn off your headlights fully before the notification will appear allowing you to select an action

  • Car interior light will now turn on when an action is selected

  • Added an extra failsafe that will disband the prostitute if they fail to enter your vehicle within a set time frame (or are no longer alive)

  • Fixed the animation height slightly

  • Added a number of new customisations to the config file:

  1. Toggle whether you want to use the horn to trigger getting in the car
  2. Set how long you have to hold the horn down
  3. Toggle whether to use the new notification system
  4. Set which keys to use to trigger each action
  5. Toggle whether to use the old chat command system
  6. Show or hide chat messages
  7. Set the text shown in the notification system

Existing customers: you should be able to access the new version on Tebex - if not, drop me a message with your transaction ID and I shall send it over