New vehicle functions support?

Are the new vehicle functions such as rocket boost, parachute, machine guns, etc. in the current version of FiveReborn?

I am looking to add some of these functions to cars in my server:

static BOOL _HAS_VEHICLE_ROCKET_BOOST(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke(0x36D782F68B309BDA, vehicle); }
static BOOL _IS_VEHICLE_ROCKET_BOOST_ACTIVE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke(0x3D34E80EED4AE3BE, vehicle); }
static void _SET_VEHICLE_ROCKET_BOOST_ACTIVE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL active) { invoke(0x81E1552E35DC3839, vehicle, active); }
static BOOL _HAS_VEHICLE_JUMPING_ABILITY(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke(0x9078C0C5EF8C19E9, vehicle); }
static BOOL _HAS_VEHICLE_PARACHUTE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke(0xBC9CFF381338CB4F, vehicle); }
static BOOL _CAN_VEHICLE_PARACHUTE_BE_ACTIVATED(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke(0xA916396DF4154EE3, vehicle); }
static void _SET_VEHICLE_PARACHUTE_ACTIVE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL active) { invoke(0x0BFFB028B3DD0A97, vehicle, active); }

No, and they will presumably never be either, as these are too complex to backport to older game executables, and R* has changed the newer game versions in such a way that there is no way to port CitizenFX/Five to them due to explicit checks that have been added to trigger the DRM system (the Arxan code Guards :registered: - which protect the application and each other) when CitizenFX is running, and causing the entire game to cease functioning when these checks are removed, or an attempt is made to run CitizenFX on these newer game versions.

The only way around would be to remove the entire DRM system, which outside of technical feasibility would be a violation of international (2001/29/EC, WIPO Copyright Treaty) and United States (17 U.S.C. § 1201) laws and would open up this project to potential civil and criminal liability.


Wow, so FiveReborn will never have the newer DLC?

Not this particular DLC.

As in never?

There has to be a way, even if it hasn’t been found yet.

There is a way, but it would be illegal, as detailed above.