[NEW V3!] [ESX] [Release] Nekix Vehicle Shop V3

this is in the config file of nekix vehicle shop

what should i change it too

me marca error en la linea de plate = “”… letter1 …”"… letter2 …""… letter3 …"-"… math.random(1000, 9999)
que podría ser?

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Manda foto

[ script:nekix_vehicleshop] Error parsing script @nekix_vehicleshop/server/core.lua in resource nekix_vehicleshop: @nekix_vehicleshop

/server/core.lua:39: unexpected symbol near ‘<\226>’

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Change the line with this

plate = letter1 …""… letter2 …""… letter3 …"-"… math.random(1000, 9999)

[ c-scripting-core] Creating script environments for luxery-shop
[ script:luxery-shop] Error parsing script @luxery-shop/server/core.lua in resource luxery-shop: @luxery-shop/server/core.lua:39: unexpected symbol near ‘<\226>’
[ c-scripting-core] Failed to load script server/core.lua.

Update v3


- Drive Test

- Random Plate

- More things...

Download the latest version
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Currently using it on our server and it’s great!

One idea though, is a way to quickly sell your vehicle like in esx_vehicleshop?

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Mmmm i think i can add the function to the script.

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Honestly, that’d be amazing!

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Hey, just wondered whether there was any development to selling the vehicles? Thanks! :100:

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Yes, i think that tomorrow i can upload it. Sorry for taking so long but lately my desire to program is low.

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That would be awesome! Would really appreciate it :100:

Highs and lows, but thank you for your support!

Tomorrow is done!

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Update v3.2

- Now the players can sell his cars! 🥵👌

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