[NEW] Unity Roleplay | 18 + Server | Hiring LSPD/SAMS | Custom Vehicle, Scripts | Balanced Economy | ESX | Crafting | Criminal Jobs | Black Market

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Server IP Address: fivem.theunityrp.com
Discord: https://discord.theunityrp.com

Our Objective and Values

UnityRP isn’t just your ordinary FiveM Roleplay Community. Respect, Responsibility, and Commitment are our Core Values that we live by and enact every single day. We consistently strive to create a fun-filled, custom featured, enduring, people-centered culture that drives our ambition to become the most progressive and innovative Community in the gaming industry while enriching the lives of our staff members and players.

We aim our focus at providing our players an immersive, high quality, realistic, and easy-going roleplay experience while roleplaying on our server; whether it be as Law Enforcement, Fire, Civilian, and Criminal.

About Us

UnityRP launches into beta on November 19th, 2021 but we have already outperformed most in our early stages. Our Executive and Leadership Team comprise of many individuals that are either emergency services professionals or have been actively roleplaying as one for a number of years.

Our server has a Custom CAD/MDT, Custom Police Vehicles, Custom Scripts, 70+ Civilian Vehicles and is currently undergoing massive development for a Community Management System to simplify any and all Community / Roleplay Operations.

Active Development

UnityRP consistently makes updates/upgrades to the server on a weekly basis.

Application Status: All Departments are Actively Accepting Applications

Recruitment Information

  • Must be at least 18 Years of Age
  • Have a Microphone
  • Speak English

Further Information

UnityRP Offerings


  • Los Santos Police Department
  • San Andreas Medical Services


  • More to release in the future…
Community Links


sick logo btw

Thank you :slight_smile:

Server has Officially launched into beta. Server IP has been updated.

fivem.theunityrp.com or you can search UnityRP in the FiveM Browser.

This server has so many cool cars :exploding_head: