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                                Unchained Roleplay

Looking for a Roleplay Server where it’s built by the players for the players??

We offer a premier roleplaying community to develop your stories. Built and tailored to be the best possible experience on the RedM framework we simply strive to provide the best value to any potential player.

Fed up with the uptight management and staff, the corruption, favouritism, and a plethora of other reasons. We wanted to create our own server, In doing so, we vowed never to become like the other servers who wanted to stay “cookie-cutter,” always afraid of change and to revolutionize the way RedM is meant to be played.

How are we different? Because we put the focus on you. The focus is solely on the experience you have, the friendliness and openness of this community, and the roleplay and interactions you run into while playing–is all a part of the experience we’ve handcrafted since we started this server. We focus heavily on player interaction, positive community building, and providing the best possible content and focus to the players. We’ve stayed true to this sole intention since the very beginning, and we plan to do so far into the future as we still continue to grow and reach new heights.

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Unchained Roleplay is a unique experience for those seeking to roleplay a fictional character based in the year 1901. So grab your guns, hop on your horse and ride on in to see what the United Commonwealth has to challenge you.



Great community, active dev’s with real talent. When they say something is going to be done soon, they mean soon. Not months later.

Welcoming and helpful support team when you have issues, they answer quick.

The playerbase is great as well. 10/10


Hard working and talented staff/dev team. Wonderful community. Real feeling of progression.

  • Has a fun and welcoming community and atmosphere.
  • Helpful staff team that actually listens to their community’s feedback.
  • Skilled and commited devs that know what they’re doing and get things done.
  • Roleplay comes first and it has a great environment for making quality stories.

This server is great fun. You can really see how much work and passion has gone into creating it and I respect that.


Been playing on here for a while, community is something special.
Staff is very open and receptive to both criticism and ideas for betterment.
Player base is funny and enjoyable! While also being very interested in going PAST just redm.

10/10 recommend

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Been with the community before the beta testing and this place feels like home. Firstly, I want to state this community is like family and will always be friendly and helpful to strangers! The staff team is very dedicated to their job and wants what’s best for the community. They listen to our inputs and don’t cast us down because we are not staff.

The roleplay here is very fun and enjoyable! No matter who you find you will find it to be a very enjoyable experience! Definitely recommend this server!