NEW UK RP SERVER - Need developers ASAP!

Hi to anyone reading

We need a small team of developers that know vRP and how to make your own custom scripts etc, we have a team of content creators with high follower bases to ensure that when the server releases we are prepared for a player base and more!

You will receive benefits based on the development that you do within the server for us as a team, working alongside us will be a fun experience that you will not fail to enjoy, all discord and Teamspeak is set-up and ready to be worked with.

Please drop your discords below in the comments so that I can add you and we can work further together, will be exciting to see the team of developers that choose to work alongside us, I promise it will be a great experience and nothing less.



Got a few years developing websites, along with a few months of developing for fivem. Looking for a new community.

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