New to roleplay

Basically, I’m extremely new to roleplay and I am looking for a community. I would like a community that is patient with new players and one that would help me learn. I also need a community that patrols during the day (EST).



You can take a look at our server and community. We are still pretty new (only few months), but growing and as I am the only owner and dev, I am building on quality, not quantity. Link below.

In short, our server’s vision is to build more realistic illegal racing based RP. That of course includes fully functional Police department, EMS and legal and illegal jobs to do. We have many customizable cars and I am personally taking care of everything. Cons? Some things take time. Pros? Everything has it’s purpose and works!

From my experience, we welcome both EU and US players, as the server is located in London, UK. EU LEOs are patroling during EU day hours and same for US.

Feel free to check our server invitation below and join our Discord for more info, if interested! We will happy to help you with everything!

[Please unlist this ad and reset the insane number of views] CityLife is all about storyline RP. Simply put, the creation of CityLife happened in May 2013 on PS3, and since 2014, it’s expanded to lots of PS3 & PS4 games as a serious economy RP. As of May 2018, we’ve opened the FiveM side of our community, and we’re glad that members are arriving steadily. You too can be a member today by joining the following link: We hope to see you on Discord & in our FiveM servers real soon!
CityLife’s Founder/Owner

check us out if ya like, 🇺🇸 Invictus RP | Nightly Patrols 8pm EST

hello Grimm

I would love it if you can take a look and consider joining our server.
Our server very respectful to each other and would help you learn a lot about FiveM Roleplay , and more general stuff . So please give us a chance and consider joining.

Applications are currently open!

Join us at San Andreas Live RP

Always looking for new players!
We have a dedicated admin team willing to help you out on the spot.
Always welcome in our community!

Hope to see you there!

~ Destiny
AKA William Marshall

Hey come check us out! We have a lot of great unique features on the server and custom scripts. A lot of cool stuff to do and hidden things to find!!! Come check us out would love to have you.