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Last updates:

Added completely bespoke and unique inventory. Made from slots, wear and tear plus expiry dates and items like food have multiple uses, guns have serials that can be searched in the MDT. This update will move all your items to your apartment (Pink Cage) as โ€œItem notesโ€ (which will expire, so be sure to retrieve your stuff back asap). This brings things such as gloveboxes to cars, slots, drag and drop, degradation/wear, uses and serial numbers to items. You will now notice food perishes and some items now only have a limited life before becoming destroyed. For example: guns now keep their ammo even if you relog and steak dinners can be used 2 times, plus much more.

Added a driving instruction job where youโ€™ll have to interact with someone that works that job to get yourself a driverโ€™s license.

A lot of more features in our update log, and a brand new UI designed by a one of our professional graphical artists that looks very sleek.

Come give us a visit while the server is โ€œsemiโ€ whitelisted, by simply registering on our website linked in the original post.

Come and join us today!

Checkout this incident where Parking Enforcement Officer Steve had some justice for his handing out of tickets last night:


This is an amazing server its very unique and the players in the city all have great personalities and very helpful & friendly. Iโ€™m happy that i joined and so far Iโ€™m not planning on leaving at all! :smiley:

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Awesome to hear that Saint!

Itโ€™s awesome to see all of the features continuing to grow! Weโ€™ve added a whole new inventory system, complete designed UI, over 300 import cars and much much more!

Checkout our discord: https://thrille.net/discord

Is there a age limit? for this server.