[NEW] The Hangover | FivePD | LEO | EMS

Discord: https://discord.gg/Av5CCuCKR2

Server IP: `

The Hangover is a friendly community that welcomes all players from across the world, you can play as the police in many different departments (including LSPD, BCSO, SAHP, PBPD, CHP, FHP and many more!). The Hangover utilises the FivePD plugin to allow the whole community to work together as cops to take down the criminals of San Andreas! You can also play as EMS and LSFD to tackle fires and respond to injured peds and officers.


The police can respond to over 100 different callouts from little things such as a small vehicle on the highway to a killer clown sighting! The callouts are unique every time as callouts spawn in different locations and can have different ending results. And don’t think we forget about the FireFighters and Paramedics. Respond to a bush fire, a building fire or EVEN a plane crash and paramedics can also respond to overdoses and vehicle collisions!

Perform traffic stops

As an officer of the law, you must ensure that all rules are followed on the road, you can perform traffic stops and ask different questions! You can use the breathalyser or a drug swab to see if they are under the influence or run their licence to see if they have a valid driving licence or if they have a warrant out for their arrest!

The Community

The Hangover has a very small, but loyal, team of developers, staff and players. These players are willing to help out if you are new to the server or to FivePD as a whole, answering any questions - no matter if it’s big or small!

Our staff team are very friendly and respectful, they are also willing to give people multiple warnings before banning them - something other servers often don’t do!

Other Info

*Regular updates and patches
*EUP uniforms
*Active community
*Multiple departments
*100+ vehicles
*100+ callouts

We’re still developing the server and have much more planned for the future! So make sure to join our discord where you can ask any questions you might have!