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       Welcome To Skyline Roleplay Community™

             Where real roleplay comes to life


:pushpin: Community

Skyline Roleplay™ is a GTA V / FiveM Roleplaying community that was founded in March 2021. Skyline Roleplay™ was founded on the foundations of integrity, nobility, and respect. We strive to create a safe and creative roleplaying environment allowing our members to succeed. Unlike most communities, we have checks and balances that ensure everyone is treated with respect and handled without bias. We are a Roleplay Community that is based around creative, imaginative roleplay that places trust in our members to roleplay realistically.

Are you interested in a community that allows members to have an open voice in the community and the way things are ran? Well, you have come to the right place and there is no need to look further !

Are you afraid that you will have to play on a server full of connection issues and lag? No Problem, Our Development Department makes sure that every server is running at its best possible setting. With Minimal FPS & Connection problems. Our development department spends day & night optimizing server resources so we can play with no connection problems or frame loss. We make sure that all departments have the latest Vehicles, Uniforms & Equipment. We make sure that the civilian operations department has a lot of nice scripts and vehicles to play with so they can extend their role-play scenarios to the best of their ability.

Here at Skyline Roleplay™ we hope to find more like-minded, mature people who are serious about Emergency Services & Civilian Roleplay. We’ve been working on this project for a while now and our Staff & Development Department make sure the Community is well operated and maintained.

:pushpin: Careers

We have three established law enforcement departments; San Andreas Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriffs Office, and the Los Santos Police Department. Each department hosts various opportunities and sub-departments. We have a fully established Fire Department as well, A unique opportunity to roleplay as Firefighter here at skyline roleplay. Our Civilian Operations hosts many opportunities in jobs, friendships, and much more! Join us today for memories you’ll never forget!

:pushpin: Requirements

Our community requires you to have all of the following; a Microphone, a Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V, a stable and reliable internet connection, and a system that meets the minimum requirements for Grand Theft Auto V and FiveM.

  • Applicants MUST Be willing to use Teamspeak 3, Discord & Our website

  • Applicants MUST Be 15 Years of Age the day of applying. (No Exceptions)

  • Applicants MUST be competent in English. (Verbal/Non-Verbal)

  • Applicants MUST display correctly English and Grammar Skills. (i.e/ Full Sentences)

  • Applicants MUST have a working, clear sounding Headset & Microphone.

  • Applicants MUST have a full legal copy of Grand Theft Auto Five (V) for PC (Excluding Dispatch Applicants)

  • Applications MUST have a reliable internet connection that can handle FiveM under stress.

  • Applicants MUST at all times Follow and Accept the Rules and Regulations formed by the Head Administration



:pushpin: What Departments Do We Offer?

We offer positions for the following departments :

:pushpin: Department Galleries

Take a look at our department galleries and see what our departments look like:

SAHP - Additional Photo's

BCSO - Additional Photo's

LSPD - Additional Photo's

SAFD - Additional Photo's

SACD - Additional Photo's

SACO - Additional Photo's



:pushpin: What Features Can You Expect

Community Features we offer are:

  • A Fully Whitelisted FiveM Server
  • A Fully Whitelisted Teamspeak 3 Server
  • A Fully established development operations team
  • High Quality Non-ELS Law Enforcement Fleets
  • Custom Designed Department Vehicles
  • Custom Designed Department Uniforms
  • Radar & ALPR System + Other advanced tools for LEO’s.
  • A Professional Application, Interview & Training Process
  • Optimized Server Scripts, Vehicles & Maps
  • Friendly and respectful staff.
  • Full Community & Department Documentation
  • Serious RP. No drama during RP sessions.
  • Never the same deal, every patrol is different!
  • Daily Patrols

And Lots More…


:pushpin: Be a Skyline Roleplay Content Creator?

Skyline Roleplay doesn’t limit you on what you can and cannot stream/record. You can stream & post content on all platforms, It will benefit the community but will also benefit you as a content creator. We welcome all forms of creativity, and in fact, we highly recommend being creative. We want you to tell a story to build your fan base! This also creates a better experience for everyone!



:pushpin: Interested In Joining Skyline Roleplay?

View our contact information below:

SRP Community Website - https://skylinerp.online
SRP Recruitment Application - Skyline Roleplay™ Recruitment Application
SRP Public Relations Discord - https://discord.gg/cg8z7cZ2r4

:pushpin: Do you have trouble applying or joining our Discord?
Please contact one of the following staff members on Discord or leave a comment down below:

  • :beginner: Head Administration | Director | Matt M. 1A-1 | Matt#9055
  • :beginner: Head Administration | Deputy Director | Hanako S. 1A-2 | Swuffies#8487
  • :beginner: Senior Administration | Community Coordinator | Triston L. 1X-1 | Triston L.#1853

  • :beginner: Administration | Highway Colonel | Jay K. 5E-1 | ItsTrooperJay#1166
  • :beginner: Administration | Sheriff | Austin H. 3C-1 | the_hermy#4599
  • :beginner: Administration | Chief of Police | Keegan P. 2B-1 | Piekar2#9392
  • :beginner: Administration | Civilian Director | Kevin C. Civ-1 | Kevin C.#6969
  • :beginner: Administration | Communications Director | Brady M. C-100 | Bradyy#6969
  • :beginner: Administration | Development Director | Ryder W. 1D-1 | Swat :reminder_ribbon:#0687

  • :beginner: Junior Administration | Chief Deputy | Andy R. 3C-2 | Andy R.#1197
  • :beginner: Junior Administration | Civilian Deputy Director | Dillon C. Civ-2 | DClay247#2648
  • :beginner: Junior Administration | Development Deputy Director | Ryan S. 1D-2 | LulzYT#0045

Skyline Roleplay Community™ 2021 :copyright:



       Welcome to the San Andreas Highway Patrol

           "An Honor To Serve"    "A Duty To Protect"

:pushpin: Mission And Core Beliefs

The mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is to work cooperatively with all levels of government to provide a safe environment for residents and visitors to our state. Although focused primarily on the enforcement of traffic laws and investigation of traffic crashes, the San Andreas Highway Patrol will support the efforts of all public safety agencies to reduce crime, apprehend those who commit them, and respond to natural and man-made disasters. In all of our endeavors, SAHP personnel will remain committed to following our core beliefs of trust, fortitude, compassion and professionalism.

:pushpin: Duties of A Trooper

As a Trooper in the San Andreas Highway Patrol, your duties vary and are important for the safety of the public. Your job, while on duty and equally while off duty, consists of being a peacekeeper, a mentor, a savior and a helper. During patrol, you will perform various duties, like traffic breaks, traffic stops, running radar, pursuits and many other duties requiring your extreme patience and close eye. You are to mainly focus on the traffic enforcement across the state of San Andreas. Troopers are to make sure all laws are respected in the state and to specifically enforce the alcohol and drug tolerance levels on the highways and major roads of the state and are to also make sure the Commercial Vehicles are respecting the laws of the State of San Andreas. At all times a trooper of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is to follow the law and to enforce law at all times while in-service.

        Coming Soon to the San Andreas Highway Patrol

:pushpin: Sub-Division Releases

Road Safety Enforcement Division (4 Sub-Divisions)
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Group (C.V.S.G.)
  • Impaired Driving Enforcement Group (I.D.E.G.)
  • Motor Vehicle Incident Group (M.V.I.G.)
  • Advanced Traffic Services Group (A.T.S.G.)

Highway Patrol Investigations Unit (3 Sub-Divisions)
  • Highway Patrol Interdiction Group (S.I.U.)
  • Highway Patrol Fugitive Apprehension Task Force (F.A.T.F.)
  • Highway Patrol Bureau of Investigative Services (H.P.I.S.)

Highway Patrol Tactical Canine Division (2 Sub-Divisions)
  • Tactical Canine Patrol Group (T.C.P.G.)
  • Strategic Interventions Canine Group (S.I.C.G.)

:pushpin: Interested In Joining Skyline Roleplay?

View our contact information below:

SRP Community Website - https://skylinerp.online
SRP Recruitment Application - Skyline Roleplay™ Recruitment Application
SRP Public Relations Discord - https://discord.gg/cg8z7cZ2r4
SRP Highway Patrol Page - San Andreas Highway Patrol Recruitment Page

Are you interested in what the San Andreas Highway Patrol has to offer? Apply Today @ www.skylinerp.online and start your Career as a San Andreas Highway Patrol Trooper.


     Welcome to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office

                Serving Blaine County Since 2021



Interested in patrolling in the County? Do you want to serve your community? Help those in need? And you enjoy working in a County environment with amazing co-workers? Join the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office today!

:pushpin: Interested In Joining Skyline Roleplay?

View our contact information below:

SRP Community Website - https://skylinerp.online
SRP Recruitment Application - Skyline Roleplay™ Recruitment Application
SRP Public Relations Discord - https://discord.gg/cg8z7cZ2r4
SRP Sheriff’s Office Page - Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Recruitment Page