[NEW SERVER] Night Shift Roleplay Hiring Staff & Police | No Pixel Inspired

Get over here and join this server. Friendly staff, friendly people and just an all around good time.

server is great! Bump

So many unique features that makes No life amazing!

In desperate need for police, plenty of active civilians to interact with

Friendly staff and just an all around great community. New members always joining but always looking for more.

Thank you weik for the feedback, You seem rather happy with our brand new finished project! always looking for honest reviews :smiley:

bump it baby

Great Server! Great group of people! Come check out everything the city has to offer

-Gunna Snipes

I’ve been with this server since it was first made and I have yet to feel the need to stop playing with them. With all the freedom and content I truly think ill be playing this for a long time. So thanks to all the guys making the server happen, and to keep pushing with their dedication.

  • Mehoff
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Mehoff- an OG Crucial member for great RP

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