[NEW SERVER] Night Shift Roleplay Hiring Staff & Police | No Pixel Inspired

City has so many features to explore!

Trucking Company - Not just your ordinary trucking job, you can hire drivers (Doesn’t have to be REAL citizens, can be locals/npcs that do the jobs), buy real trucks and buy upgrades to make your truck even better/look better.

Crews - Start a crew whenever you want with /crew. To get a crew house and other features you must have an active crew.

Gang Territories -
Each zone will be controlled by influencing the area through various activites, including:

  • Selling drugs.
  • Killing other gang members.
  • Taking out police in the area.

The gang that controls the area will have access to the zones resources.
Resources will include things such as:

  • Drug manufacturing locations
  • Drug selling locations
  • Money laundering locations

Police will be able to temporarily neutralize an area by having an overwhelming presence in the zone
Police presence includes things such as:

  • More police then gang members in the area
  • Police arresting gang members in the area @here

So many other features, these are just some of the new things we recently added.

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great server dynamic mods and has a great comunity, also if you like ems were currently in dire need of ems staff, just hit me up on discord

Fantastic server. Active players to RP with lots of great jobs and gangs

Fantastic server great people and staff always willing to help

I’d strongly suggest joining the server. Active admins, friendly playerbase, plenty of jobs to choose from and very serious roleplay elements.

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Hiring Police & Paramedics & Firefighters!!! Coming soon-Court system, will need lawyers, judge’s etc.

Thank you to everyone for the kind reviews

bump love the server

Highly recommend this server! Everything that you want in a RP server is here.


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Bump server is absolutely amazing! So smooth and everything runs just how you expect!

Looking to hire a Public relations member, Paid in cash weekly!

Now Hiring Staff

bump, an amazing server good staff lots of fun and opportunity. Dev work is stellar would highly recommend it!!

bump this server

Bump server is amazing! Come and give us a visit.

Forgot to add that this server also has a lot of custom aspects such as the car sale gui, hacking job etc… that you will not find in other servers. This makes it a lot more fun than other servers I have been in.