*NEW SERVER* London Vintage City | Unique 60s setting I Developed by seasoned RP'rs | Realistic RP | Custom Cars and Content | Detectives and gangs with fronts |

Bump! Looking for Metropolitan Police Officers!

Hi everyone, I thought I’d mention my new RP server, London Vintage City - a unique 1960s FiveM experience! Discord here: https://discord.gg/B2YEQhw

We have:

  1. Unique 1960s clothes, cars, car radios, maps and more!

  2. Server is ran by an experienced RP team with 15 years + across many games

  3. Financial transparency: you will see how many donations are made and how much money is being used on the server and its upkeep

  4. Gangs with legitimate businesses as fronts (when you set up a gang talk to us to set your business up)

  5. Food crafting, you can open restaurants and provide creative food!

Check us out on Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@vintagecitylondon?lang=en…



Accident and Emergency Update!

  1. We’re lucky that Brinders is helping us as a car dev. He’s tweaked the police cars & ambulance (pictures to follow). Brinders will be helping to tweak all the cars (expect improved handling, consistent speed and armour over the next couple of weeks), we’re incredibly lukcy to have him here.

  2. We have a new dev (who is remaining anonymous) who is helping us to make the server feel more like the 60s. We’ve commissioned our first project and got snazzy new police uniforms!



We’re getting exclusive Maps and content, check it out.

We’ve now got Big Ben: