[New] SE Iowa Roleplay | Recruiting Staff |Fire/Ems/Police/Civs/Dev

SE Iowa RolePlay is proud to present our new public server! It is a new server, which means we are currently recruiting staff members, police, ems/fire, Dev. The age be in the server is 15+.

Recruiting Status:
Police - Open
Ems/Fire - Open
Devs - Open
Dispatcher: Open
ip address:

Yes, we are here to have fun and enjoy roleplay but we do have rules we have to follow

SERVER NAME: SE Iowa Roleplay | Menu Server | Recruiting Staff, Police, EMS, & Fire

NOTE: The Server is still in a work in progress which may result in some server restarts

You can find all information about the server in our public discord.
Discord: [https://discord.gg/mXs62FVFR8 ]

The discord is a great source for finding out server updates and announcements.
We do have very friendly staff in discord and willing help out answer any questions.
If you have any issues with discord please let my know so i can fix it.

All recruitment applications are located on the discord server.
Applications are open go fill one today.

I will updates these more to come like photos, video’s.

Sheriff Cars

City Cars

Fire Trucks

Ambulance/Fire Chief

gruppe6 security cars

Police unmarked / Civ truck Yellow

State Trooper

Updates on addons Server : Weekends only
New Leo Police cars: 2 new packs
Updates on server: daily
EUP Clothing: Still in the works
Iowa State Patrol Cars: Coming Soon
Fast cars: always
Facebook: Redirecting...
Website: https://barneypaytesiii.wixsite.com/website

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