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Come Join the SADOJRP-Life Genuine Experience!

We have Custom Cars in lur Luxury Vehicle Shop
Custom Police EUP and Custom Civ clothes

We have lots of great ways for you to make money:
Taxi, Tow, Delivery, Trucking, Hunting,Diving

Custom Heists: Fleeca Heist, Train Heist, Truck Robbery and more to come.

We have an awesome police force dedicated to great RP so if you want to be a criminal, watch out, because they will be looking for you!!!

Jump on SADOJRP-Life Genuine and favorite us!
2000+ Discord members and Growing!!! Help us Grow and have fun doing great RP

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Web site: https://www.sadojrp.games

We have Mature Staff, Mature LEO officers in BCSO and SAST

Custom Cars and Donator System to get more custom properties and .

We are always recruiting for new members of all departments.

Who we are:
We are a team of motivated, experienced FiveM RP’ers who have seen it all with other RP servers and want to create a uniquely different and exciting RP experience. We are dedicated to making the server unique, providing new experiences all of the time, we will not stop updating and innovating.

Join our community today and jump on our server, find out what makes us great!!!

We hope to see you on the server and know you will want to make this your permanent RP server!!!


Hi, please login to our discord SADOJRP and we will help you get it sorted out.
Just open a ticket there and we will help you out. – Thanks